Royal Danish Defence College / Forsvaret — Recruitment

—Royal Danish Defence / Forsvaret

When admission to the Royal Danish Defence College started to require students to have a bachelors degree a new way to communicate was needed. Our strategy was built on three main pillars: One: Make the Royal Danish Defence College rather than the Royal Danish Defence the communicator. Two: To communicate with academics, communicate with a human and academic voice. Three: Make personal views on leadership the subject rather than the Royal Danish Defence. The strategy and the campaign proved to be a winning formula.
Concept/Idea: Kent Stephan Jensen & Signe Zacher Carlsen. Director: Mikala Krogh. Made at Wy x Ogilvy

Nykredit — Design dit eget VISA/Dankort

Design your own VISA/Dankort

Nykredit is a leading financial institute in Denmark. They were primarily known for their services within mortgages and investment but wanted to let people know that Nykredit is also a bank. When Nykredit were first to market with an online app that allowed their customers to design their own VISA/Dankort it offered an opportunity to tell the story, in a very elegant way – perfectly aligned with Nykredit's overarching platform 'Tænk nyt' (New thinking).
Concept/Idea/Art Direction: Kent Stephan Jensen. Made at Wibroe, Duckert & Partners

Toyota — iQ car launch

iQ car launch / shootthatiq

The Toyota iQ, a super compact car designed for life in the big city, was introduced with the intention of reaching a very specific demographic: the urban, creative class. Shootthatiq tapped into and unleashed the creative talent of photographers with a competition to 'shoot it and win it'. The resulting beautiful, non-stereotypical photos were exhibited at a price/launch event and sent on tour at Toyota dealers around the country. The photos were also used for a nationwide print campaign and online for various downloadable content promoting not only the car, but also the photographers who participated.
Concept/Idea/Art Direction: Kent Stephan Jensen. Made at Wibroe, Duckert & Partners

Dansk Byggeri + 3F — Tak

—Dansk Byggeri & 3F

In an effort to tell about the positive effects of choosing organized labour Dansk Byggeri & 3F let the apprentices of the building and construction industry do the talking. And what the apprentices wanted to say was "Tak" (thanks). Very personal thanks to specific people who had chosen organized workers for their construction projects – ensuring not only quality work but also a place for the apprentices to learn and ultimately secure their future.
Concept/Idea/Design/Copy: Kent Stephan Jensen. Account Director: Hanne Fabricius. Photo: Niclas Jessen. Made at Wy x Public

AOK — Alt Om København — Communication platform

—AOK / Alt Om København
Communication platform

After years of silence, cultural guide Alt Om København (All About Copenhagen) wanted to remind people about their offerings and draw in a new audience. Their new logo had been shortened to AOK and looked nothing like it used to – so we had a little explaining to do. On street posters, ads and banners we stressed the diversity of AOK's cultural coverage in a design made to look like a cultural grassroots movement armed with only a monochrome printer and some colorful paper. Online we made banners advertising current cultural events that related to the content being watched while drawing realtime ratings from AOK's site. 
Concept/Idea/Art Direction: Kent Stephan Jensen. Copy: Peter Boye. Made at Saatchi & Saatchi

Nordea Invest — Hold dine penge i gang

—Nordea Invest
Hold dine penge i gang

Financial communication tends to be very conservative. Money, after all, is a serious matter. Never the less, Nordea Invest were looking for a campaign that would make potential new clients show up at investor meetings – and what Nordea Invest used to do had failed. 'Hold dine penge i gang' (Keep your money active) proved to be exactly what was needed. The campaign drew record crowds to investor meetings and worked perfectly across various channels and media. On top of being highly effective, the campaign was awarded with a Børsen Big Bull.
Concept/Idea/Art Direction/Copy: Kent Stephan Jensen and Peter Boye. Photo: Klaus Thymann. Made at Wibroe, Duckert & Partners

Tuborg - Squash Buddies

Squash Buddies

Tuborg Squash has a special place in the hearts and minds of Danes – emotionally it feels almost like a friend. Building on this friendly feeling Squash Buddies was big success. The campaign earned several chart positions on 'Den Glade Seer' and boosted sales to new heights. The platform lived across most channels and media – including film, online, outdoor, events, radio, labels, pos and ads.
Concept/Idea/Art Direction: Kent Stephan Jensen and Thomas Torp. Director: Peter Harton. Made at Wibroe, Duckert & Partners.

Femina — On Facebook

Facebook content strategy & apps

Danish magazine Femina wanted to do the right thing on Facebook. After a series of interviews with stakeholders and editors as well as participation in editorial meetings we had a clear picture of not only what was needed but also what would be sustainable. Our work included a very precise Facebook content strategy, a complete page redesign as well as three apps: a dynamic social reader app, a 'meet the editors' app and a Biorhythm app to accompany the very popular zodiac sign pages of the printed magazine.
Concept/Idea/Design: Kent Stephan Jensen. Digital Planner: Marianne Elkjær. Code: Nodes. Made at Saatchi & Saatchi

Cybercity — Coneheads


The people from internet service provider Cybercity are very smart. Almost inhumanly so. The 'coneheads' platform boosted Cybercity orders by several hundred percent giving their call centers quite a sweat. On top of being a hit for business the series also earned several positions on danish ad chart "Den Glade Seer".
Concept/Idea: Kent Stephan Jensen. Director/Writer: Rasmus Laumann. Made at Wibroe, Duckert & Partners

Signifikans — Author


Together with Lars AP, I wrote the book 'Signifikans' in 2010. It was one of the very first books presenting a thought framework for creating commercial communication in a new way that actually resonates with people of today. Communication that is natural – communication that does good for someone or something – communication that is remarkable. In the process we won Ole Stig Lommers Rejselegat which allowed us visit and write a book that is aligned with some of the greatest companies and thinkers of the present. All the printed books are long gone. In spirit of the project it can now be read for free on Issuu.
Authors: Kent Stephan Jensen and Lars AP. Written at Wibroe, Duckert & Partners

SonyEricsson — Caroline Wozniacki

Caroline Wozniacki Xperia Virtual Tennis

To introduce three new Xperia phones and to activate the SonyEricsson sponsorship of tennis super star Caroline Wozniacki in Denmark we built a fun and engaging online tennis tournament on facebook. Being as fun and easy to pick up as Pong and with great prizes for the daily winners more than 100.000 games were played in six weeks. All was done on a minimal media budget and in perfect harmony with SonyEricsson's communication strategy 'The most entertaining smartphone'. The campaign placed 2nd at Danish Internet Awards / DIA in its category. Feel free to watch the case video right here.
Concept/Idea/Art Direction: Kent Stephan Jensen. Code: Molamil. Made at Saatchi & Saatchi

Berlingske — Relaunch / Communication platform

Relaunch / Communication platform

When Berlingske wanted to relaunch and remind people of what they stood for we dug into their brand heritage. Their coat of arms said it all in latin 'Ob fructus ardua scandit' which we translated intro a bold communication platform in danish. Berlingske is all about ambition. About going further, wanting to achieve, craving for success. Quite controversial in the land of the 'jantelov' - but exactly what unites Berlingske and its readers.
Concept/Idea/Copy/Art Direction: Kent Stephan Jensen & Peter Boye. Director: Thomas Vinterberg. Made at Saatchi & Saatchi


—Various clients

“It is only by association with a product, a service, a business, or a corporation that a logo takes on any real meaning. It derives its meaning and usefulness from the quality of that which it symbolizes”, Paul Rand once said. "Well said", Wy says.
Design: Kent Stephan Jensen. All designed at Wy

Boye & Spellerberg — Visual identity

—Boye & Spellerberg
Visual identity

Peter Boye and Bjarne Spellerberg are authorities within the danish advertising industry. When they decided to build their own agency, Wy designed their visual identity. The design is centered around a very minimal expression of 'authority' – stripes - well known as a cool form of decor on racing cars, airplanes and everything military. All is presented in the beautiful colour of Yves Klein Blue and adorned with classic typography.
Design: Kent Stephan Jensen. Photo: David Perrin. Code: Ruby Studio. Made at Wy

Alectia — Communication platform

Communication platform

While the end products of Alectia – a leading danish engineering and consulting company - are often top performing buildings, process designs or sustainable resource management that is really not what drives new business. Alectia wins business because of who they are – their people. We created a new communication platform that moved the brand away from communicating 'Buildings and processes' to 'People passionate about buildings and processes'. Over the years our work has come to life on all sorts of media and channels both internally and externally.
Concept/Idea/Design: Kent Stephan Jensen. Made at Saatchi & Saatchi + Wy

Tuborg — Misc


How can Tuborg - the brewery behind Denmarks most popular beer - make a comment on stricter traffic fines on the day of their introduction? How can Tuborg make more bands apply for their mobile music-container studios? How should Tuborg advertise a new light variant of their popular Squash soda?
Concept/Idea/Art Direction: Kent Stephan Jensen. Made at Wibroe, Duckert & Partners